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The Music of Dorris Bridge

Composition by Kyle Burgess

Sheet music is provided within the novel for Kyle's ribald original tune. Disclosure: while the lyrics contain no outright profanity and are intended to be humorous, some may find them offensive, and they are not appropriate for younger children.

Radio Stations
References abound, throughout the novel, to music playing over the radio, or the jukebox at the Emperor Saloon. Dorris Bridge is the home of AM station KMTN, which features Danny the DJ who
canít get enough of Alvin and the Chipmunks during the holidays. In addition to the fictitious KMTN, the following are real radio stations mentioned in the story:

Some Original Compositions With Influences of Dorris Bridge
John Luttrull (the far more talented musician) and Clive Riddle penned a number of originals from the late 1970s through the 1990s, and put in a fair amount of studio time, even landing a contract with a small label that promptly went bankrupt after commissioning the studio sessions. Click to listen to the following:

  • GhostDancer: (mp3) - The novel delves into the very real story of Wovoka and the Ghostdance movement. This song does too. This is an earlier, longer version, the piece was later condensed.

  • Whatever Happened:  (mp3) - The novel is dedicated to "Smitty". Here is his story.

  • Brenda: (mp3) - Kyle pines for Brenda in the novel. This song, written in the late 1970s, was the inspiration.

  • Forever: (mp3)  - This tune actually has nothing to do with the novel, but John and Clive wanted there to be a better available representation of their music


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