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About the Author

Clive Riddle is a life-long Californian, married and father of three, living in Modesto, California. At age 26 Riddle became CEO of a regional HMO. After a decade, he went on to found MCOL, a leading health care business information company. Riddle has authored a variety of health care reference books and business articles. He is a noted speaker at national events regarding key health care business issues. Dorris Bridge is his first novel.



  • Ellen Dykes designed the cover to Dorris Bridge.

  • Dorris Bridge has been dedicated to "Smitty", a wonderful friend from youth and early adulthood who passed away in 2009

  • Thanks to Charlene Sanford and others who provided valued feedback and edits to earlier drafts of the novel.

  • The author thanks his family: Nancy, Marshall, Sarah and Sasha; his brothers and sisters (and parents who he'll forever miss) and his awesome friends for making life so absolutely great every day.


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